We offer all the treatments required for creating customised furniture.

Optimised cutting

We take care of cutting the materials to the specific measurements requested by the customer, with as little waste as possible.


We carry out various types of drilling on wood, steel, laminate and aluminium surfaces.


We apply various types of edging to previously cut panels. Edgings are made of PVC, ABS and wood.

Craft services

We also apply our edging and drilling service to materials received from the customer.

Pantograph processing

We carry out machining and decorating using numerically controlled machines with interchangeable heads that can guarantee absolute precision and excellent standards of finishing.


Drawing on new gluing techniques, we guarantee perfect glue dosages and, hence, reduced pressing, heating and cleaning times.


The decorative foil on HPL laminate panels and HPL compact laminate panels can be replaced with a print of the customer’s desired decoration.