Operative in the wood industry since 1864, Locatelli Laminati offers innovative design and furniture products.

About us

Setting the benchmark in the laminates industry.

Our business philosophy: we are constantly searching for new materials that combine good looks, efficiency, innovation and quality. An approach that has made Locatelli Laminati stand out for over 150 years and allows us to identify and anticipate new market trends to meet the needs of designers, architects, and businesses.

Locatelli Laminati manufactures and distributes HPL laminates for furniture and interior design in the following sectors: naval, contract, industry, catering, healthcare, retail, airports, railways, residential, large-scale retail trade.


Reliability, competence and kindness.

The brothers, Beniamino and Giuseppe Locatelli, lead a well-established team of workers, whose experience and dedication provides customers with a full range of services. A multidisciplinary team that helps customers throughout the entire process from choosing the right product and design to final delivery.

Company History

Five generations working with wood.

We have 157 years’ experience in the wood industry, a vocation crossing five generations.

This artisan business was originally founded back in 1864 to process wood imported from Corsica. As time has gone by and technology has progressed, the company has gradually specialised in the manufacture and marketing of Plastic Laminate by the Formica brand, a revolutionary British product developed back in the 1950s.

This led to the founding of Locatelli Laminati, which followed market developments until establishing itself as a mixed business enterprise in 1964, reinforcing its in-house organisation and boosting its production output.

Year by year, the company has continued to extend and fine tune its range of products and services, introducing new materials and processes to provide both national and international customers with the highest quality possible.


An international distribution network

The company can draw on a highly efficient international distribution network.
Locatelli Laminati products are widely admired both in Italy and abroad, enabling the company to grow and make its mark around the world.

USA, South America, Europe, New Zealand, Canada

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